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New Incisionless Surgical Procedure Fixes Gastric Reflux
Many people occasionally experience heartburn, but if you are experiencing it twice a week or more, doctors call it gastro intestinal reflux disease, or GERD.

For years doctors treated GERD with medication and recommended that patients change their diet.  No spicy foods, alcohol, and fatty foods , cheeses and red meats.  This worked for some, others had mixed results.

Now, a new procedure called EsophyX treats GERD at its source.  Surgeons close off the faulty lower esophageal sphincter valve without having to perform even a minimally invasive surgery.  Surgery is another option for treating GERD.

 EsophyX is an endoscopic procedure, meaning there is no incision, and no stitches.  A special instrument is inserted into the esophagus (with the patient under anesthesia) and with it the surgeon makes a series of folds around the sphincter using bits of stomach tissue.  Then he holds the folds in place with about 20 small fasteners called "stylettes."  In time, scar tissue forms over the fasteners making the folds a permanent part of the anatomy.

For the next twelve weeks the patient has to follow certain diet restrictions.  They need to avoid foods with a coarse texture, like raw veggies.  Also soda and alcohol.  Instead of three regular meals, during the twelve weeks the patient needs to eat five smaller meals.