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Jim Batissa Speaks to SLP Students

On Wednesday, February 23, 2011 Jim Batissa spoke to a group of SLP students at JFK Medical Center.  They could not believe that 36 years post op, Jim was even still alive, let alone so active in his efforts to rehabilitate laryngectomees and to teach others.

They all appreciated hearing Jim's story and gained much insight into the life and trials of a laryngectomee.

Now it seems, through Patti Shanes, the SLP's instructor, Jim will be heading back to JFK this month to speak again to another class of SLP's.

We are glad that Jim is encouraging this club to get out there and talk, an activity this club was very active in until recently.  Due to illness and other occurrences, our talks have seemed to fall by the wayside.  However, I know Jim will not let it remain that way.  He is already setting an encouraging example.