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Click on the "FAQ'S" below for answers

FAQ 1:  Have you any advice for the spouse of a new laryngectomee?
FAQ 2:  Why is the "stoma" necessary after a laryngectomy?
FAQ 3:  What about eligibility, etc., for Medicare?
FAQ 4:  How can one best insure that local emergency medical personnel are knowledgeable about the special needs of Laryngectomees?
FAQ5:   Should I upgrade my Servox Battery Charger if I have an older model?
FAQ6:   Are Tracheostoma Valves and HME's covered under Medicare?
FAQ7:   What is the best type of alaryngeal speech - - electric or pneumatic artificial larynx, esophageal speech, TEP speech, or something else?
FAQ8:   How long should I practice daily in order to get proficient with my TEP voice?
FAQ9:   What about Foam Stoma Covers and Heat/Moisture-Exchangers (HME's)?
FAQ10: Are there any exercises for practicing with the Servox Inton?
FAQ11: Are there "non-smoking" reasons for a laryngectomy?
FAQ12: Any advice for someone suddenly facing a laryngectomy?
FAQ13: What's the best "life vest" for a laryngectomee?
FAQ14: What is this NEW "Digital Servox"? (and some FAQ's answered)
FAQ15: Hints for in and around WATER!!
FAQ16: Partial or Total Laryngectomy?

FAQ17: Suggestions for Beginning to Vocalize with a TEP/prosthesis.
FAQ18: Smelling Again after a Laryngectomy.
FAQ19: What about humidity concerns?
FAQ20: Getting into Medicare??
FAQ21: "Cancer Sucks" - A View from an SLP
FAQ22: Do some States offer FREE electrolarynx devices or services?
FAQ23: Hints for Teaching Stoma Care?
FAQ24: Does the Servox Digital differ in sound quality from the Servox Inton?
FAQ25: What about commercial flying after a laryngectomy?  Any Concerns?
FAQ26: I just got a prosthesis but can't talk yet.  What may be wrong?
FAQ27: How do you adjust the pitch on the Servox Inton?
FAQ28: What is a Neck Dissection?
FAQ29: Square Filters - Round Stomas?
FAQ30: What patient information can I put in a Newsletter?
FAQ31: Can depression follow a laryngectomy?
FAQ32: Is there a new Social Security web site?
FAQ33: Life After a Laryngectomy?
FAQ34: A Perspective in dealing with "The Professionals"
FAQ35: Should I contact my local "911" dispatcher after surgery?
FAQ36: What is an Ambu-bag?
FAQ37: What about "Sneezing"?
FAQ38: Sleeping Problems Post-Laryngectomy?
FAQ39: What Should Medical Community Know About "Larygectomees"?
Why would a laryngectomy change the lung capacity?
FAQ41: Can Air-Conditioning Increase Mucus?
FAQ42: The Media makes "fun" of Laryngectomees ... what should we do?
FAQ43: A Laryngectomee's "Feelings"
FAQ44: What Surviving Larynx Cancer Did For Me
FAQ45: XRT & Chemo - from the Aloe Vera Kid
FAQ46: How can the Americans with Disabilities Act Help?
FAQ47: Can patients with Amotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) by
helped by electrolarynx devices?
FAQ48: How can one tell if an insurance claim has been paid?
FAQ49: What is "Demeaning" or "Humiliating"?
FAQ50: How do you figure "Shipping Charges"?
FAQ51: What Can You Do For A Runny Nose?
FAQ52: What minimum information should be given to a new or potential Laryngectomee?
FAQ53: Does Radiation Always Cause Tooth Loss?
FAQ54: What is COBRA Insurance?

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